We promise you our food selection is of the highest quality and prepared to perfection and competitive in price.

Crabs Your Way

.CRABS; sold by the 1/2 dozen to the bushel (check daily market price)


Shrimp; medium and large



Fried Shrimp - comes as a platter with French fries called the “Shrimp Boat”


Crab legs; we sell "JUMBO” Canadian Snow crab legs exclusively.

You'll never have to ask, “Where is the meat”

They come in a cluster and we sell 3 clusters for



Fried Fish; our other house specialty is what we call “HOT FISH ". We sell fried fish everyday but by the time you walk through our doors because of the public demand, it has become an everyday affair. Our fish is fried to a crisp outside with a moist flaky inside. You add a little hot sauce, mustard, salt and pepper. You slap your own Momma! We are not responsible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



Fried Oyster Po Boy sandwiches  -  We use shucked meat, seasoned and fried to a crispy, moist, succulent golden brown for our platters and PO BOY sandwiches...



Corn- by the ear

Cole slaw- pint or quart

Potato salad- by the pint or quart

French fries-